UN Implementation

Security Council Resolution 1325 mandates that all United Nations (UN) bodies take steps to ensure gender parity in all aspects of peacekeeping and post-conflict situations. To promote transparency within the UN system and improve accessibility of information, the UN Implementation section of PeaceWomen.org tracks the policies and work of the UN bodies in relation to women, peace and security. 

This section provides a user-friendly map of the UN system, which allows users to access each UN entity. Under each UN entity, PeaceWomen gathers, tracks and analyzes internal policy, action plans and reports that the entity has produced on its implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325, including their work to implement the United Nations System-wide Action Plan on 1325. Also, other general work on women, peace and security are presented. To learn more about the UN bodies and their efforts to implement 1325 and work on women, peace and security,please click on the body/entity’s name below.

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